Visual Artist and Novelist

About the Series

DONTLIFTUPDONTLOOKDOWN premiered at Ca'Dario Gallery during Santa Barbara's Art Walk early September,

2015, and has since been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, The Examiner, JustLuxe, Arte Fuse, The Huffington

Post, Crixeo, and Flaunt Magazine.

DONTLIFTUPDONTLOOKDOWN is a series of portraits using the method of not lifting up the pen or looking down while drawing the subject (blind contouring), taking the editor out of the process of inspiration and creation. The portraits are then brought to life with shading and mixed media.

photo by heidi edwards

photo by heidi edwards

The series started at a dinner party, where Sophie began having her guests draw the person across from them at the table without looking down or lifting the pen. It became a bit of a party prerequisite, which Sophie then became obsessed with and started doing all the time, and quickly unfolded into a full-time series. Works from this series as well as commissioned DLUDLD pieces have been sold internationally and are now privately collected in the US, UK, Australia, Jamaica, Mexico, The Netherlands, and India. 

The most recent DONTLIFTUPDONTLOOKDOWN series showed in July 2016 at Larrabee Studios in North Hollywood, with future shows slated for december, 2017, in Los Angeles. For upcoming show information, please click here.